Prepare Your House for Resale

Get Ready to Sell Your House

Prepare your house for resale with interior and exterior paint from Color Magic

Prepare your house before resaleAre you looking to spruce up your home for resale? Are you worried about the net return on any new investments to improve the selling price of your house? Adding a fresh coat of paint is the biggest return for the buck strategy for increasing your house resale value.

The Edmonton and Calgary housing markets have been up and down over the years; one thing remains constant: home buyers are enticed by a bright and clean proposition. Color Magic has been increasing the resale value of houses since 1986.

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Things to Consider When Trying To Improve The Resale Value of an Edmonton or Calgary Home

Remove the clutter. Bright and clean homes sell faster than cluttered dark homes. Buyers pay close attention to bathrooms and kitchens. These areas are the highest traffic areas. Bright clean uncluttered kitchens and bathrooms help sell a home. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the interior and exterior of your home can increase its value considerably. It has been shown that landscaping, windows and especially in Edmonton and Calgary… swimming pools do not add a great deal to the resale value of the house.

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