Residential Water and Flood Damage

Painting after Water and Flood Damage

Professional painters helping restore water and flood damaged homes back to their original condition

Painting and refinishing services from flood and water damageHas disaster struck? Is your basement filled with water? Has a plumbing job gone awry and now you are faced with a swimming pool where a living space once was? Color Magic Painting works with do-it-yourselfers and professional contractors to provide professional painting services once reconstruction is complete. Color Magic has been working in Edmonton and Calgary since 1986.

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Things To Consider When Faced With Flood or Water Damage… Safety First!

Electrical hazards are the first thing to consider when faced with water or flood damage. Look to see where the water is accumulating, consider the appliances and other electrical wiring that could be impacted. If possible, turn of the electricity.

Consider bacterial contamination. Depending on the source of the water damage (sewer or similar) understand that the water could be contaminated. Wear protective clothing is the best way to reduce the personal risk.

In all cases, response time is the most important aspect to minimizing the damage of a flood or water damage incident. Mold and mildew can cause significant health issues if not completely remedied.

Make a list of all of the property that could be potentially damaged. The sooner this is done the better. Finally, engage professionals.

Although Edmonton and Calgary are not coastal cities, flooding and water damage can still be devastating. Act quickly, and Safely.

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